It’s Tuesday, and my wife is working today, and I am at home. I no longer work, as to my concern of being around lots and lots of people in the position I had at the airport. As my wbc is getting higher, and it took longer to clear up a minor allergy, I have decided to stop working. I have enjoyed my work, not to hard, and lots of benefits working for an airline company, but it’s time to stop.

I find I lose my breath quicker than before, so I am learning to move a bit slower, when I do things around my place. When I walk, like I did this morning, I  walked at a pace that did not cause my breathing to increase a lot, but did cause me to sweat. I hope that it is enough exercise to keep me from getting worse quicker than I would like. If anyone has recommendations, please leave a comment letting me know what it is, and thank you if you do.

I have started a new bible study outline, that I hope will be ready for the fall of this year. It is about creation, studying Genesis Chapter 1-11. If I find that others are interested in it, after giving a few lessons, I hope to begin placing it on my blog for others to read and comment on. I have also written a paper noting my illness,  what I believe has caused it, and some thoughts about Jesus Christ. I hope to be able to post that soon, again asking for comments on it contents.

It is my hope that all who read this is having a wonderful and blessed day.