Well it is Monday, and it has been raining since early morning. I am happy about that, as my wife and I were outside cleaning around our place. As it is usually very hot this time of year, it was a pleasure to work around the yard, feeling a cool breeze, and lower temperature than usual. I spent the weekend riding my motorcycle over two hundred miles. I was in a poker run, with the proceeds going to childrens brain cancer fund, and some going to our own motorcycle association, Run for the Son. It was a nice ride, no rain, everyone’s bike ran well.

I feel real good today, hoping to stay that way longer, if possible. I have began itching more since last week, but believe it is from the chlorine in the water. Our water gets injected with chlorine every so often, and when it does, I usually have trouble with skin. Anyway, the water smells as if it is clear now. We have four water filter connected to our place, and still when that chlorine is injected, it is strong for about four days.

My spleen seems to not ache as it had been, not sure if has gone down, or just my imagination. I will know when I see my Oncologist next month; hoping for good results when I do.