Good day to all of you. I want to thank you for coming to my blog. I hope I will have written something of value today.

I spent yesterday morning with my Oncologists. My doctor is still trying to figure out why I have been getting better results, than what I should be getting, without having chemotherapy. I had mentioned six months earlier that I was eating bitter apricot seeds.

So we looked at my lymph node biopsy that was done in March 2011 and yes, the lymph node was positive for SLL/CLL. So we concluded that I did and still do have SLL/CLL, but why the consistently improving blood counts.

12/26/10 15.6 12.8 87
01/10/11 15.8 13.3 112 4.3
01/19/11 11.7 13.1 78 4.2
02/17/11 12.5 13.7 87 4.5
05/12/11 11.6 11.9 77 5.5
08/08/11 13.3 12.4 85 7.63
09/08/11 18.5 63
10/20/11 15.7 12.1 60 8.6
12/21/11 13.4 11.9 64
01/06/12 12.5 11.7 63
01/26/12 11.1 11.1 62
04/26/12 11 11.4 54
05/25/12 11.7 11.1 53 8.1 Started Seeds beginning of June 2012
06/22/12 12.4 11.4 59 8.7
08/19/12 9.7 10.7 63 5.9
12/03/12 9.1 11.1 73 5.1
03/04/13 6.1 10.3 63 2.94
06/03/13 6.6 11 72 2.6
08/08/13 6.4 11.1 101 1.89
09/05/13 5.8 11.9 88 1.59
Normal WBC Normal HGB Normal PLT Normal ALC
4.0-10.6 12.8-17.0 150 1.0-3.7

That meeting yesterday, led me to think about a question I have been asked frequently. “Are they safe to eat?” It got me thinking, “was is it something I wrote or said, or more importantly not said,” that so often prompted this question.

So I thought, what actually made me decide to eat bitter apricot seeds. Did I believe that the apricot seeds would heal me? I had already answered that in one of my previous blogs. No, I did not believe they would heal me. I hoped they would help with my low platelet count only.

I wonder why this question is asked so often. Is this question asked because our eyes are on the bitter apricot seeds, or on the God of the Bible. Is seeing the good results I am having, do to the apricot seeds, or to the One who created them.

I know that my faith is not in the bitter apricot seeds for my improving health, but in the God of the Bible who said to eat the seeds that are in the fruit. I hope this is the reason you are eating them.

It certainly is true, by empirical evidence (my actual blood test results), the bitter apricot seeds are working (even though I can’t get anyone in the industry to admit it). This is the only change I have made since being told I have Small Lymphocyte Lymphoma/ Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia. These results are in black and white, and cannot be denied, they are a fact.

But we must realize that they work only because of who created them. And that someone is the God of the Bible. I do not want to understate this truth. Bitter apricot seeds only work, because the God of the Bible made them to work.

So to this question: Are they safe to eat? God says to eat the seeds in fruit.

This question has made me think of what Jesus Christ said in Luke 16:31. Neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead.

Now I am not raised from the dead, but I hope some of you will understand why I use this verse.