Martin Luther while writing a letter to Pope Leo X, said the following. Christian faith has appeared to many an easy thing; nay, not a few even reckon it among the social virtues, as it were; and this they do because they have not made proof of it experimentally, and have never tasted of what efficacy it is. For it is not possible for any man to write well about it, or to understand well what is rightly written, who has not at some time tasted of its spirit, under the pressure of tribulation; while he who has tasted of it, even to a very small extent, can never write, speak, think, or hear about it sufficiently. For it is a living fountain, springing up into eternal life, as Christ calls it in John iv.

It is the day after my visit with my Oncologist. As usual that visit day was like all my visits to any doctor. I was not happy to go, but my wife insisted that we need to know what my blood counts are. So again I agreed to go, knowing beforehand that I would go, as I also wanted to know those results. So off to the doctor we went.

Again my blood pressure was high (167/73), but I was pretty sure that would be the case, as I have been diagnosed with white coat syndrome. For those who do not know what it is, you may be able to find it on the internet. Anyway I have had it all my life, so that is why I very seldom went to a doctor. After reading what it is, you many realize that you have it too. By the way, it is really not very serious. I use it as a joke more than a diagnosis.

Anyway on to the visit with my doctor. Upon arriving at the hospital, I went to the third floor where my blood was taken. Three vials were taken this time, so more tests than usual must have been performed. Usually I have one or two taken, but on a few occasions over the last two and one half years, I have had three. After my blood was taken from me, I proceeded to the fourth floor, finding two vacant seats as their where at least twenty-five people waiting to see their doctor.

After and hour wait, my name was called and off to the Oncologists office my wife and I went. The doctor pulled up my chart, on the computer, with the current blood results, which are done within the hour of them being taken. She looked at me, said your uric acid has gone though the roof. It was 4.1 and now after only three months, it is 9.5. I told her I knew why it had gone up, and she asked why. I told her that I had stopped taking my uric acid pills, to see if stopping, my platelet count would go up. She told me, “in your case stopping would not make that much of a difference.” So I told her I would begin taking them again.

Then we began looking at the other blood numbers. My white blood count (wbc) was still normal at 6.6, hemoglobin (hgb) was back up to 11.0, with platelet count (plt) back up to 72,000, and finally the one I really like to watch. My absolute lymphocyte count (alc) was at 2.6 still being in the normal zone.

While setting on the examination bench, with my doctor checking the size of my lymph nodes, I told her that many of my nodes have become so small that I cannot feel them anymore. While checking my nodes in my neck, she acknowledged that they were indeed getting smaller. Then she checked my spleen and said that she could only feel the tip now. What that means is that my spleen has gone from being twice the size of  normal (12 cm is normal, my spleen was 24 cm a year ago) to almost normal size again. She then said “some people go into an unexplainable remission, but after a time, the remission usually ends.”

We sat down in front of the computer again, and she once again asked me what I am doing different. I told her, that just like last time, I am eating bitter apricot seeds. Other than that, I have not changed anything. After telling me everything looks okay, my wife and I left, both looking at each other and smiling.

I have posted this chart before and do so again, including my updated results. I do this for those who require empirical evidence. I started eating apricot seeds June 2012.

12/26/10 15.6 12.8 87
01/10/11 15.8 13.3 112 4.3
01/19/11 11.7 13.1 78 4.2
02/17/11 12.5 13.7 87 4.5
05/12/11 11.6 11.9 77 5.5
08/08/11 13.3 12.4 85 7.63
09/08/11 18.5 63
10/20/11 15.7 12.1 60 8.6
12/21/11 13.4 11.9 64
01/06/12 12.5 11.7 63
01/26/12 11.1 11.1 62
04/26/12 11 11.4 54
05/25/12 11.7 11.1 53 8.1
06/22/12 12.4 11.4 59 8.7
08/19/12 9.7 10.7 63 5.9
12/03/12 9.1 11.1 73 5.1
03/04/13 6.1 10.3 63 2.94
06/03/13 6.6 11 72 2.6
Normal WBC Normal HGB Normal PLT Normal ALC
4.0-10.6 12.8-17.0 150 1.0-3.7