I woud like to thank all of you who have been following my blog. I receive many nice comments from many of you. Words of encouragement as well as advice, thank you.

It has been brought to my attention that some may not understand the difference between Amygdalin and Laetrile. So as not to confuse others, I would like to clarify the difference between Amygdalin (bitter almonds) found in apricot seeds, apple seeds, and laevomandelonitrile, also called Laetrile for short.

Laetrile which was patented in the United States, is a semi-synthetic molecule sharing part of the amygdalin structure. Whereas Amygdalin is a glycoside initially isolated from the seeds of the (Prunus dulcis) tree, also known as bitter almonds.

I only mention this for those who may be reading my blog and do not understand the difference. For myself, I would not take any  form of Laetrile, as it is man-made. However God has told us to eat seeds that He created, and fortunately for me those seeds include apricot and apple seeds.

I hope this will clarify the difference.