For all of you who have been reading my blog, I want to bring you up to date with my life, living with SLL/CLL.

I had my three-month check-up yesterday, and am very pleased with the results. My doctor checked the lymph nodes in my neck, under arms, and groin. She said that they have gone down, some a lot, and one area where she could no longer feel the lymph node. It also looks as if my spleen has gotten a bit smaller, not great, but moving in the right direction. After looking at the blood results, she asked if there was anything I had changed, or was doing I had not done before.

With that question, I told her that I had started eating something different back in June 2012. I went through the story starting with getting the call from the clinical trail doctor, telling me I would not be in the trial. Days later finding out that God said, to eat the seed that is in the fruit. Looking up the verse that said that, Genesis 1:29 KJV, and reading it for myself. Believing what God says is true, and being told that apple and apricot seeds killed cancer cells, I made the choice to eat the seeds.

Her reaction was somewhat hard to read. She said to be careful eating the apricot seeds, then said that there were created. She told me that what I was doing was certainly working, and could not argue with it. However at no time in the conversation did she recommend it. One thing I did come away with was that she knew about the seeds.

I have been told many times now, “there is no cure.”.  So be it, and as silly as it sounds, that is just fine with me.  I don’t ever want to forget that I have a blood disease. It has only been a blessing, both personally and spiritually.

Here is the chart with the new blood results. As you can see, finally the Absolute Lymphocytic Count (ALC) is normal. Also nine months of normal WBC. For the other two, the doctor has told me many times, they will fluctuate up and down, but I am still hoping that they will, at some point, get into the normal range.

12/26/10 15.6 12.8 87
01/10/11 15.8 13.3 112 4.3
01/19/11 11.7 13.1 78 4.2
02/17/11 12.5 13.7 87 4.5
05/12/11 11.6 11.9 77 5.5
08/08/11 13.3 12.4 85 7.63
09/08/11 18.5 63
10/20/11 15.7 12.1 60 8.6
12/21/11 13.4 11.9 64
01/06/12 12.5 11.7 63
01/26/12 11.1 11.1 62
04/26/12 11 11.4 54
05/25/12 11.7 11.1 53 8.1
06/22/12 12.4 11.4 59 8.7
08/19/12 9.7 10.7 63 5.9
12/03/12 9.1 11.1 73 5.1
03/04/12 6.1 10.3 64 2.94
Normal WBC Normal RGB Normal PLT Normal ALC
4.0-10.6 12.8-17.0 150 1.0-3.7