December 30, 2012

I thought it time to tell you what has happened to me these last several months.

My blood counts were getting worse every visit, so I was seeing my doctor every month, a doctor who is excellent, kind, and has extensive knowledge and years, of experience in this field of Lymphoma Cancers and Leukemia. It was at the May 25th, 2012 meeting that I saw my platelet count (53,000) be the lowest it had ever been, my ALC was still high at 8100,  my white blood count was still above normal, and my spleen was still twice the size of a normal spleen. We were again talking about chemotherapy, which I have been against having, since the beginning. In August 2011 I was told I would have to start Fludarabine/Cyclophosphamide/Rituximab (FCR), and again in April 2012 I was told we should start looking at Bendamustine/Rituximab (BR) chemotherapy. I had told myself that I would take chemo, but only when there was nothing left to do, and the doctor could honestly tell me that it had a serious chance of working. As no chemotherapy to date has been very effective on the 17p chromosome deletion. So I thinking, why bother with chemo, after six months of possibly being sick, killing many good cells along with the cancer cells, and then be told “sorry it didn’t work.” If my SLL/CLL was the type that chemotherapy was working on, I would have gladly started. And I would recommend that all others with these cancers, realize that chemotherapy does work, if only for a time. But that extra time may give you, the time needed to seeing a new and better drug or procedure come along.

On both occasions, I asked the doctor to wait one more month to see if my blood counts might improve. Again on the 25th I asked to put off any chemo for one more month.

We previously talked about a stem cell transplant, or me going into a clinical trial. The only two things recommended for those who have the chromosome 17p deletion. I had been notified that I may be able to get into a clinical trial at the National Institute of Health, and my chances looked good because of my chromosome deletion.  After talking to the lead doctor, for this particular trial, and being told by him that I would be perfect for this trial, I was quite excited. About one month later, with all my blood work ready to send to him, I received a phone call. While setting in my car, I received, the phone call that I was hoping and praying I would not receive. I answered the cell phone and it was the doctor from the NIH. He told me, he was very sorry, but the trial had been filled and I would not be part of it. I had a brief feeling that I was really in trouble now. My stomach had that feeling that we all get when we hear really bad news. After hanging up and telling my wife, who was sitting next to me, Romans 8:28 popped into my mine, and I realized that even though I was caught off guard, and worried; God was not. Not knowing what was in front of me, I was at ease. God knew what was good for me, I didn’t.

A few days after that May 25th , 2012, meeting with my doctor, and the call from NIH, I was watching a program about Creation. As the fellow was talking he mentioned Genesis 1:29, and went on to say that God told us when eating fruit, we should eat the seed also. He said that in the seed of apples, and especially apricots, was a vitamin that killed cancer cells. I made a note, and after the program, I went to the internet and proceeded to search out what he had said.

What I found was, to say the least, very interesting. Some web pages said that the vitamin in these seeds was called Vitamin B17, or amygdalin, and this vitamin would kill cancer cells. Other webpages said that eating these seeds were very dangerous, as they contained cyanide in them, and would poison, and possibly kill you. I also read that the US government had made it illegal to make any products from these seeds, claiming they cured cancer.

Well after talking to family members, and friends, listening to their advice, I asked my wife what she thought. She told me she had been eating apple seeds for years when she was young. She told me her gramma made her eat them. Well I reflected upon the advise I had been given, what my wife had said, and all the internet articles I had read, then read Genesis 1:29 again, and decided to believe God. I decided that if God said to eat the seed along with the fruit, then I would do just that.  As I began eating these seeds, starting in early June, 2012, I had a joyful confident expectation, believing what God says is true, that my low platelet count could rise. You may notice I said could, not would. I certainly had a joyful confident expectation, believing what God says is true, but my faith lacked the would. However, this hope solely focused on my platelet count. No thought or joyful confident expectation even entered my mind, concerning my white blood count ever becoming normal, or my absolute lymphocytic count lowering. What I knew, was that SLL/CLL had no cure, and that it is a progressive cancer, but I decided anyway to eat this cyanide laden seed. Just for information, B17 is found in the pits of many fruits and raw nuts and in other plants such as lima beans, clover, and sorghum, especially apricot seeds.

For those who do not know what SLL/CLL is, here is the following. SLL (Small Lympocytic Lymphoma) is a B-cell cancer of the lymph nodes. CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) is a B-cell cancer in the blood. Both SLL and CLL are treated the same, and often thought of as the same. But coming from one who has SLL, it is not the same, it is a lymphoma cancer, not a leukemia. I am very aware it is a lymphoma cancer, as I can feel many of my lymph nodes, which have increased in size do to cancerous B Cells. On the other hand CLL is a Leukemia where the cancerous B cells are found mainly in the blood. When I asked my doctor after my December 3rd ,2012 meeting, what do I have, I was told “you have SLL.” I was not told, I did not have CLL anymore, but I  also was not told, that I have SLL/CLL, which is what the lymph node biopsy, taken back in 2011, showed I had. I was first told after two sets of blood tests, and two CT scans,  one on December 25. 2010 and another on December 27, 2010, that I had Lymphoma cancer. That is when they knew it was a B cell cancer. After my lymphnode biopsy, and additional blood work, in February 2011, it was without question, diagnosed and confirmed as SLL/CLL. I was told that it started back in 2008 as SLL, and had progressed into my blood, now adding CLL. I thought to myself, “thank you doctor, I now have two cancers to deal with.”

June 22, 2012 meeting was uneventful, as we discussed chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and clinical trials. Most of my counts had got worse, except my platelet count. It had risen to 59,000 which I thought was great. My doctor was not encouraged with that, as the rise was not sufficient enough. I said I would still like to wait on the chemo, as my platelet count had gone up.

My August 19, 2012 meeting was very exciting for my wife and I. And hour and a half after my blood was taken, I met with my doctor, who is a Hematologist/Oncologists. During my physical, checking lymph nodes, spleen, etc, my doctor said she had a real problem with my case. She was searching for reasons why my blood counts looked far better than should be expected. I did not mention anything about the seeds I was taking, as I did not want to be thought of as a crazy person. Anyway more blood work was ordered, not blood tests for what I had, just the normal blood tests you would get when having a physical. Three weeks later I received a call from my doctor saying that those tests showed nothing abnormal. 

My December 3rd , 2012 appointment came, and again my blood work showed improvement. This was the second time in three months that my white blood count was normal, my platelets had gone up again, and my hemoglobin was above 11.0 again, not normal, but going in the right direction.

Since I started eating apricot seeds, and apple seeds, I have been to the doctor for blood tests three times. In August, after reviewing my blood work, my doctor literally scratched her head and said that she had a problem with the readings. Below is a chart with my blood counts going back to 12/26/2010. At the beginning of June 2012  I began eating nine apricot seeds and one apple with the seeds daily. I would eat the apricot seeds, three at every meal. In July I raised my apricot seeds to eighteen seeds a day, eating six at every meal. I continued to eat one apple a day with the seeds.

12/26/10 15.6 12.8 87
01/10/11 15.8 13.3 112 4.3
01/19/11 11.7 13.1 78 4.2
02/17/11 12.5 13.7 87 4.5
05/12/11 11.6 11.9 77 5.5
08/08/11 13.3 12.4 85 7.63
09/08/11 18.5 63
10/20/11 15.7 12.1 60 8.6
12/21/11 13.4 11.9 64
01/06/12 12.5 11.7 63
01/26/12 11.1 11.1 62
04/26/12 11 11.4 54
05/25/12 11.7 11.1 53 8.1 Started Seeds beginning of June 2012
06/22/12 12.4 11.4 59 8.7
08/19/12 9.7 10.7 63 5.9
12/03/12 9.1 11.1 73 5.1
4.0-10.6  12.8-17.0  150+  1.0-3.7
Normal WBC Normal RGB Normal PLT Normal ALC

I want to make it very clear, and say that this is not for anyone else, and I do not recommend to anyone, that they eat these seeds. It is not my intention to suggest, or promote anything. I write this blog today, to tell you my story over the last several months. I and I alone made the decision to eat them, and as of this writing, am rejoicing that I did. I also want to say that the only change I have made these last two years, is the addition of the apricot and apple seeds. What has happened is not a miracle. For it to be a miracle, which is an act of God, an unmistakable sign from God, the act would have to meet certain criteria. For it to be a miracle it would have to be unique, easily recognizable, and something only God can do. The act could not be explained by natural laws, natural forces, or anything else in the physical universe. It is true, at least to me, that it is God who created the seeds, then authored and had them put in His book, so we may know what He has made available to us.

It is unfortunate, at least in my mind that so many seldom read what He has to say.

What I have learned over these last two years is that I am really not in control of anything. I think I am, but when I am honest with myself, I really have no idea what is going to happen ten minutes from now. I realize, that tomorrow my blood counts could change, but for now I am thanking God for this time I have. Hopefully I will use it wisely.

So as concerning my flesh, I consider myself one of the fortunate ones in this life. It was written in my files two years ago, that I would not be around very long. I have been told, “no reason to do a colonoscopy,” due to my time frame of survival. I have been assured that I would be made comfortable when the cancer finally gets severe. I will be given as much medication as I require so as not to be in pain. So I have thought about death often, especially the days I have not felt well. I have confronted it, now knowing it will happen. It is not something down the road, something that I can easily put out of my mind. I have became very aware that it is real, it will happen. So in my flesh I enjoy the improving blood readings, and the good health that I am living at this moment. Yet in my spirit, I understand, and look to that day Paul, guided by the Holy Spirit, wrote in 1Cr. 15:54 &15:55. So when the corruptible shall put on incorruption, and this mortal shall put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, “Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death where is thy sting?” O grave where is thy victory?”                                 

We in this human race, spend much time planning our future, and that is good. What most do not plan for along with it is eternity, and that is unfortunate. For what should it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.

The usual understanding of what I have read on most of the internet pages referring to Vitamin B-17, is as follows:

Amygdaline (Vitamin B17) contains two molecules of sugar, one molecule of benzaldehyde and a cyanide radical. This is quite stable in normal cells but these two molecules can be broken apart in cancer cells, which are the only site of the enzyme beta-gluosidase. The quantity of beta-glucosidase in cancer cells is 3000 times the quantity found in normal cells.

When b17 is lysed, or deconstructed by beta-glucosidase HCN (hydrogen cyanide) forms in the cancer cell and promptly destroys the cell.

The quantity of the enzyme rhodanese is high in normal cells and absent in cancer cells. This enzyme is able to prevent the release of cyanide in healthy cells. Because rhodanese is absent in cancer cells there is nothing to stop the release of cyanide from amygdaline and the cancer cell is immediately destroyed. In this remarkable way the Creator of the Universe was able to design a mechanism to destroy cancer cells while protecting healthy cells from the cyanide radical found in Vitamin B-17.

Here are the negatives of what I have read on the internet about Vitamin B-17:

What was the seed made up of Vitamin B17,  or amygdalin, The term “laetrile ” is an acronym (laevorotatory and mandelonitrile) used to describe a purified form of the chemical amygdalin, a cyanogenic glucoside (a plant compound: that contains sugar and produces cyanide)according to the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, is naturally found in plants such as lima beans, clover and the pits of a variety of fruits and nuts. Amygdalin contains sugar and produces cyanide, which researchers believe is the active ingredient in Laetrile. Though many proponents claim vitamin B17 is beneficial for those with cancer, clinical trials reveal that the compound is ineffective, and has significant side effects that can further damage your health.

According to, some B17 proponents claim that amygdalin deficiencies are responsible for cancers in humans. To date, there is no evidence to support this claim, nor that amygdalin or Laetrile are effective treatments for cancer. Quackwatch reports that early proponents of Laetrile as a cancer treatment attempted to circumvent the drug approval process by labeling the substance a vitamin. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for approving all medication and drugs prior to use in the United States, and to date the FDA has not approved vitamin B17 for any medicinal purposes.

Side effects: People who suffer side effects from Laetrile experienced symptoms that are very similar to those of people who suffer from cyanide poisoning. Symptoms include nausea, headache, vomiting and a blue discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood, according to the National Cancer Institute. In severe cases, some people may experience difficulty walking due to damaged nerves, abnormally low blood pressure, dementia, coma and death.

To all who read or have read some of my blogs, thank you, and may God bless you in 2013.