Well it is Friday, one day after my visit to the doctor. I am so far feeling the same emotions this morning that I felt when I left the hospital.

As I said in an earlier blog, I have been feeling great, and really believed my blood readings would be better than before. After learning about my 17p deletion, and the usual outcome due to it, I have felt better than I had at any time since finding out about by SLL/CLL.

So how did my blood counts look this time?  They were mixed, and unfortunately the one count that needed to be good was not. This is what caused me to have mixed emotions, now for two days.

My WBC (white cell blood count) was at it highest 18,500, on 09/08/2011, yesterday it was 11,000. Normal count for WBC is 4,000 to 10,600, and as you can see, my count is real close to normal, and has come way down.

My HGB (Haemoglobin-protein that transport oxygen) was at it lowest at 11.1  on 1/26/12, yesterday it was 11.4. Normal count for HGB is 12.8-17.0, and as you can see it went up. It may seem to many that it didn’t go up much, however since 1/10/11 it has steadily gone down from 13.3 since then. This is the first time since I was diagnosed that it went up.

Now the one that was very discouraging, my Blood Platelets (stops bleeding). The highest it has been 112,000 was on 1/10/11, and my last reading on 1/26/12 was 62. Yesterday it had fallen to 54,000 which is the one thing my Oncologist is looking at to determine when chemotherapy is required.

So I have to go back on May 25th and if my platelets have not gone back up to 60,000, I am afraid that I will have quite an argument on my hands about starting chemo. I should not be surprised that they were low, as I have had a bleeding nose every morning for the last four days, and last night while sleeping, it started bleeding again, and woke me up. So I am once again trying to raise those pesky platelets.

Now for some other news. Since my wife’s sister and two cousins have been here, we have been to Disney World, Downtown Disney, the beach several times, shopping (not me), eating out, and will be laying on the beach looking at the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow. It has been a nice time for them all, even though I think I may have slowed them down a little bit, but today they are shopping, and I am at home resting.

Again I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me.