Hello to all on this beautiful January 4th day. It was quite cold last night, and I believe the temps went down to 29 degrees. I covered my tomatoes, so they look ok, but I will be covering them again tonight, just to be safe.

I cut my arm on my golf bag the other day, and after keeping it clean, ozonal ointment, and covered, it is getting red and sore. I am hoping that it will heal soon, but will show it to my doctor on the 13th. I will be getting blood tests this week, with a follow-up the following week, then have to get blood tests again later this month, before seeing the Oncologist. I am hoping for the best, but being a realist, I will take what ever the results are, why, I have no choice.

I have been eating real well, juicing, eating raw vegetables, with fish or chicken. Can’t do much more, but to try to stay as healthy as possible. Need to exercise more, but finding it hard to, as I have always been a person that likes to accomplish something when I am moving. Walking is not my idea of  getting something done.

Question: Why is it so important for Christians to attach our faith so securely to biblical authority? We cannot deny the omnipotent work of the Holy Spirit in opening our hearts to the very essence of His truth. But we also cannot deny that many aspects of the gospel challenge our mortal minds. Yet these very elements are the essential components of the message.

Let me list just a few.

  • God became human.
  • He was born of a virgin.
  • God placed Himself under the condemnation of a criminal’s death.
  • He rose from the dead.
  • All humanity is essentially evil because of sin.
  • We all face judgment because of sin.
  • To accept Christ we must deny ourselves to follow Him.
  • No matter what we want to think or believe, there is only one narrow way of salvation.

If you are ever going to share this message, you’d better have it on very good authority. If someone asked you today why they should believe such a message, what would you say?

Simply to say that you have “experienced Christ” is subjective and does not answer the question for anyone but yourself. Who is to say your experience is genuine? The gospel surely has to be linked to a source of ultimate authority and objective truth. Will scientific evidence by itself settle the debate that the Bible is correct? I doubt it, even though the more that is found, the more everything points to God and creation. However everyone has presuppositions, and different world views. In other words evolutionist, atheists, old age theists, have different ultimate standards by which all evidence is interpreted. We can look at the same evidence, and depending upon our world view, come up with different conclusions.

However, when I look at morality, without the God of the Bible, there is no logical reason to believe in any sort of moral imperative. Some will say that people create their own moral code apart from God. However this is silly reasoning, because if everyone can create their own morality, then no one could argue that what other people do is actually wrong. So if someones moral code is to harm others, then who can say they are wrong. Some may say that morality is what the majority decides it to be. Don’t think so, remember Hitler. And one other I can think of is, morality is just relative. Some have told me, there is no such thing as absolute morality, therefore you should not try to enforce your personal moral code on other people. Wait a minute, when I am told that “I should not”, then they are doing just what they told me not to do.

There our other things that show me the Bible is true, and to be believed. I may talk about them in other posts, but for today, I think I have exhaled enough on those who tell me not to use the Bible in todays debates or conversations. I can only use that which I believe to be true, others may use what they believe to be true. I chose believing the God of the Bible, others may choose what others, others like you and me who are finite, write or say.

I have not said anything about SLL/CLL, or any other cancer today, but will be updating important articles that I my be told by my doctors, or what I read.