Another day, again giving thanks to the one, who gives me breath, happiness, joy, security, significance, and love. If you are just reading this blog for the first time, then you may not know who that is. He has been called, man of sorrows, wounded and crushed, acquainted with bitterest grief, I turned my back on him, and he loved me, when I hated him, he gave himself for me.

He is also known as, Counselor, The Word, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, Physician, Lord of Lords. He’s known by many other names, names that almost all have heard. On that day, every knee shall bow, and everyone one shall confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father (Phil 2). He is loving, kind, caring, forgiving, all-powerful, able to forgive you, just ask Him and know for yourself.

For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate me from the love of God, that is in Jesus Christ, my Lord (Rom 8).

Why have I said all of the previous words? Just so you may know, what I know and believe; nothing more, nothing less. We all have opportunity in this life to see and live out, truth and lies, love and hate, joy and sadness, fear and security, humility and pride, health and sickness, life and death. How we chose to live our lives, in these bodies, makes a difference. A difference to those we live with, live near, work with, love, hate, help, hinder, and the list goes on. Most of us, if not all of us, at some time in our earthly lives, have strived for love instead of hate, have joy not sadness, security instead of fear, humility over pride, and health much more than sickness. And with these times, came assurances within ourselves, that we are good people, certainly better than the murderer, thief, drug addict, and immoral person.

It is a wonderful thing to strive for those things that are good, right, and clean, but be not deceived. For when I weighted my goodness, my good intentions, my righteousness, with my pride, hatred, lies, sickness, I found myself wanting, empty, and fearful. When I became honest with myself, I found that all the good I had done, had still fallen short of what I could have done. I am very important to myself, and my self well-being. What is wrong with that, maybe nothing, but it caused me to fall short of the righteous person I was striving to be.  As you look honestly within yourself, do you see an imperfect person, wanting to do the right thing, for the right reason, but often falling short of that goal.

We all believe in something, or someone. There is the earth to believe in (mother earth), the sun maybe, then there is Buddha, Alla, Satan, Myself, Evolution, Materialism, Science, Jesus Christ, and on and on we go. You see, we all believe, the difference is who or what. To my way of thinking, I am going to know, as best as I can what or who I believe in. I am not going to listen to someone tell me why I should believe in, or not believe in someone, or something. I am going to find out, the best I can, for myself why I believe in what I believe. When I have decided who or what it is, then I am going to get more information, as much information as I can, why I believe that something or someone. Do you believe that mother earth is the source of all life, then find out why you believe that, and be ready to explain why. How about Allah, or Buddha, or yourself, maybe evolution, or even Jesus Christ. Ask yourself, are my sources reliable, have they been sifted like wheat, tested over time, how do they stand in todays light.

The Bible goes back about 3300 years (Torah) 1300 BC with the New Testament of the Bible being written between 50 and 90 AD, Buddhism began in 563 BC, Quran was first revealed by Muhammad in 610 AD, Evolution around 520 BC by Anaximander, a Greek philosopher, although Charles Darwin in 1859, was the first to come up with a viable working mechanism on how it all happened. Then of course, myself, 1943 AD.

After believing in myself for 35 years, evolution being part of those years (even though I didn’t know I was believing in evolution), I suddenly found myself a believer in Jesus Christ. It happened one morning as I was getting into my car to leave for work. It started the day before while I was at work. A co-worker had come into the office where I worked. He started talking about Jesus Christ, causing me some pain, in having to be polite. However, he asked me a question that I had never thought of before. He asked me if I knew where I would go after I was dead. He told me that one outcome could be heaven, another could be hell. He then went on to ask if I thought I might go to heaven. After some thought, I told him that I had been pretty good, most of my life, with a few not so nice moments, so I figured if there was a heaven, the I had a 50/50 chance of going there. He then said something that to this day, I will not forget, “Don’t you think your eternal soul is worth more than just a 50/50 chance?” I told him that no one could know for sure if they would go to heaven. He then said, “You can know for certain, 100%, that you are going to heaven, when you die. I was then interested enough to continue on with the conversation. After telling me about Jesus, and what he had done, he asked me if I wanted to believe in him. I quickly said no, and with that the conversation ended, with him telling me that it was great talking with me.

I went home that day, and did not say anything to my wife or children, what this man had said to me; I even put it out of my mind. That night I went to bed, and after laying my head on my pillow, I found myself thinking about what was said to me at work. I was not able to sleep that night, oh I probably dosed off and on during the night, but everytime I found myself awake, I was fighting with, “I have done a lot of good things”, and then I would remember hurting someone, lying, even stealing, and much more. When morning arrived, I dressed, ate breakfast, not saying anything to my wife about the night I had, and went out the door to my car. As I sat there, I thought to myself, I am not in all honesty, the best person I could be, and in light of what I was told the day before, I was not perfect, like Jesus Christ, and that is what God expected me to be, to get to heaven. Right there and then, my mind told me that if I start this car, and leave for work without asking Jesus Christ to save me, I would die and go to hell.

I asked Jesus that morning to forgive me for all the sins I had done, those I could remember and those I couldn’t, and I asked him to save me. Nothing happened after I had finished asking for forgiveness, but I do have to say, that what I thought next was quite amazing to me. It seemed to me that what I had been looking for all my life, was now found. I was not anxious, I was just calm, relaxed, and ready to go to work. I arrived to work that morning, and went straight to that fellow that told me about Jesus, and said, I have asked Jesus Christ to save me, and He did.

Of course I had no facts that He did, it just seemed to me to be true, and that was that. Now after many years of ups and downs, sometimes trying to get away from Jesus, I have found that I cannot not. It is true what He says, “I will never leave, nor forsake you (Heb 13). After more than 35 years of looking into the Bible, evolution, creation, Islam, the environment, and myself, I with all honesty, tell you that the Bible is the only reliable source of truth out there. I am now 68 years old, and have CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), I have again realized the truth of His words. “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your soul. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light” (Matt 11).

It is my hope that all who read this blog, will look inside themselves. Asking who am I really, what really do I know, and how much is really out there that I may not know. Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life, anyone who believed in me, though they were dead, yet shall they live.” “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes unto the Father, but by me.”

My last though for this day is what the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 2. For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God: Not of works that anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Jesus Christ, unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.