It has been a great weekend, I went on my motorcycle ride Saturday, and traveled over 100 miles. I spent three hours with the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society at a Farmers Market. It was a beautiful day to ride, blue sky, and sunshine; 53 degrees when I left and 79 degrees on my way home. I have a heavy leather jacket that I like to wear when I ride, but it is usually to hot to wear it, not Saturday morning, it was perfect.

My wife was home on Sunday, so we went golfing together, and really enjoyed the round of golf. She swings her clubs funny, but the ball always goes straight and quite far. My swing on the other hand usually causes the ball to either go left or right, very seldom staying in the fairway. Again, a beautiful day, I wonder sometimes, why so many people live in the northern United States, especially in the winter. Of course, I was one of them for many, many years, I chalk it up to youth.

From the Winter of 2010 (12/15/2010) – I read this and thought some of you with CLL, or a family member, may not have, so I thought I would share it. It is one year later now, so hopefully there is  even better news for the 2011 ASH annual meeting. MAKING AN IMPACT IN CLL: “Before 1991, we had one class of drugs that was approved for CLL. Since then we have had five new drugs approved for CLL, and this has only been possible because patients participated in clinical trials,” explains Dr. Byrd. Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies designed to develop safe, more effective therapies. “I believe we have the right ingredients, with newer agents and existing therapies, to make a big impact in CLL treatment–to keep the disease in remission for long periods of time, with very good quality of life for patients.” Dr. Byrd explains that support from LLS has been key to the progress in CLL. “The development of new therapies requires teams of researchers working in the laboratory, doctors working with patients, and resources to support their work. Grant support from LLS has helped make the development of many of these new CLL therapies possible.”

PROMISING NEW THERAPIES: Two of the promising new CLL therapies Dr. Byrd expects to hear about at the ASH meeting are the drugs CAL-101 and PCI-32765. These drugs work by targeting critical pathways responsible for cancer cell growth in CLL.“Both are oral drugs with relatively good side effect profiles, making them easier to take over long periods of time. They have created a lot of excitement because they have produced durable remissions in a subset of CLL patients whose disease is resistant to other therapies,” says Dr. Byrd.

Continuing on with Who We Are, we can now see what the benefits are. Since Jesus’ promise is true we can begin to realize the marvelous personal benefits of our union with him by reminding ourselves that what is true of Jesus is true of us as well.  Was Jesus secure in God’s love? Certainly he was, and so are we. Was Jesus significant in God’s plan? Certainly he was, and so are we.

Because of our union with Christ we are worthy as persons. As we begin to recognize and believe in our union with Christ we enter into the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. Because we are one with Christ (we are in him and he is in us) we are said to be loved unconditionally (Ephesians 2:1-10), totally accepted (Ephesians 1:3-6), forever forgiven (Colossians 2:9-15), important as ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:17-21), meaningful in ministry (John 14:12), adequate in power (Philippians 4:13). In short, our union with Christ meets all our personal needs to make us worthy because he is worthy.

It is necessary at this point to consider an important distinction between being worthy and feeling worthy. Jesus promised to be one with us to make us worthy; not necessarily to make us feel worthy. It is possible for us to be absolutely secure, and yet feel insecure. Carnival rides and amusement parks entertain people by causing them to experience a feeling of insecurity, while they really are secure. Jesus has promised to make us absolutely secure and significant in his love and calling regardless of what we may experience in our feelings. Because of our union with him we are secure and significant as persons whether we feel like it or not.

Faith, lets talk about that tomorrow.

My all of my family, friends, and CLL fighters, remember that in Christ, all are worthy.