Good day to all; My CLL is with me, but I sure don’t feel any of it. I have been sitting here, thinking, if I hadn’t been told that I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, I sure would not have any idea that I do. It is Monday morning, and again, blue sky, bright sunshine, and gentle ocean breeze. My wife is home today, so I am sure we will get lots of things done, and I am always real happy when she is here all day with me. Our good neighbors are back from being up north all summer, and we will be visiting with them, and probably golfing with them later today.

The weekend was uneventful, I even had to wipe a spider cobweb off of my motorcycle. We plan on going to our motorcycle meeting on Tuesday, so that will help lubricate the pistons a little. We are voting on officer positions at this meeting, and more than likely, we will retain the same officers as last year, being they have been doing such a good job.

On Sunday, while I was sitting on the couch, I thought back as to how easy my life has been. I grew up in a middle class family, lived in a big house, new cars, and every year went on a vacation. Most importantly, I had a mom and dad, that spend all of their early days, providing for their children, and not once I can recal any complaining from them. They both worked, and my mom always cooked dinner, when she got home. They spent their lives supporting and loving the four children they had. Now as I look back at my life, I see myself thinking I am doing what they did, but now realize that I had not. I provided a house, cars, and vacations, for my children, but to some of them, I was never able to get across the love I had for them. At the time, I thought I was, but only in my eyes. I always took it for granted that my parents loved me. It must have been the way they lived, and loved that made me never even think about, do they love me, or not.

I have been a blessed man, for certain. I have four children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. I really can’t say that I have had many bad times. I have had some, but in light of what some of my children have already gone through and is going through, I really have not. I know that I have always looked at things in a positive way, and I credit that to my mom and dad. Even when bad things have happened, I truly have seen past it to more positive reasons for those occurences. Just me thinking out loud, not really knowing how others are reacting to there daily situations. On the outside you have an idea, but inside them, only God knows, even better than they themselves do.

I will continue with my thoughts about Christ: FOUNDATION OF OUR NEEDS – OUR UNION WITH CHRIST

In order to experience a true sense of personal worth, it is vital that we understand the very heart of the gospel message: We have become one with Christ.

On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus sought to encourage his insecure and helpless disciples with a promise that reveals this gospel. He said, “At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye are in me, and I in you.” (John 14:20) We will focus our attention on the biblical basis for personal worth, as revealed in the promise of Christ that we are in Him, and He is in us. In short, we shall examine our union with Christ as it applies to our personal needs.

Before considering the exact meaning of our union with Christ, it is important to consider the context in which it was promised.

The twelve had been following Jesus for about three years. They were trusting him to be the King of the Jews; the Messiah of Israel. Like all of us, they naturally believed that being with the King would give them personal worth. They were anxiously awaiting the day when Jesus would set up his kingdom on earth, and they would receive prestige, money, and power by reigning with him. The fact they had left their natural ways and means of making themselves secure and significant would no longer worry them if Jesus would actually raise up His kingdom now.

Instead, Jesus told them he was leaving them now! All of their dreams and hopes for personal gain in the kingdom were crushed by this announcement. Immediately, they were overcome by feelings of insecurity and despair as the shocking news began to sink into their hearts. It would be difficult to imagine a more desperate situation than the one facing those worried disciples that night. Clearly, they needed encouragement on a supernatural basis.

Against such a background of darkness, shines the light of the gospel in Jesus’ promise about their union with him. In contrast to the insecurity they naturally felt by the coming separation, the promise of their union with Christ offered comfort and joy for those who would believe. Likewise, only the promise of our union with Christ can truly comfort those who are feeling worthless.

Now back to SLL/CLL

When being told that you are about to go into chemotherapy or any procedure concerning your SLL/CLL, here are a few questions to ask your Physician before having a procedure.

• Why is this procedure necessary?

• What will the procedure tell us about my condition?

• What is involved in doing this procedure?

• What are the possible risks, complications and side effects?

• Will I feel pain?

• What will my out-of-pocket costs be?

• Will I need someone to take me home afterwards?

When I was getting my lymph node biopsy, to know what kind of cancer I had, I was told exactly what to expect, and by doing that, I felt comfortable with the surgeon doing the operation. It went really well, and today, you cannot even see the scar where the surgery was done. And it was that biopsy that finally decided what I had, SLL/CLL.