Started juicing this morning, with carrots, apples, celery, and ginger root. The taste is great, and juicing really doesn’t take any longer than have eggs, home fries, and toast. Clean-up easy, just wash everything like you would normally do.

The weather today is beautiful, so I think this afternoon I will take a ride on my motorcycle.

No much more to say today, as all is well here.

Will continue with my study: Spiritual Need to Love

To experience personal significance requires knowing we are important, that our lives have meaning or purpose, and we are adequate to cope with our circumstances. Taken together, the sense of importance, meaning, and adequacy make up our sense of personal significance. Together, security and significance determine our personal worth.

When we stop long enough to ask ourselves if these various needs are being met each day, most of us can think of a particular situation or circumstance that threatens one, or more of these needs. While the fact we are a person, automatically means we have these personal needs, but just being a person does not guarantee these needs will be met. In fact, the personal needs for most people, are not met on a regular basis.

From the time we are born into this world, we have been engaged in a daily struggle to meet these personal needs by our own means regardless of what it takes. Just as much as we need to eat food, our soul hungers for love. Just as surely as we thirst for water, our soul thirsts for significance. For those who long to achieve the spiritual need to love, the personal hunger and thirst in our souls must be satisfied before we can realize our potential to really care about, or love others as Christ.

Only when our needs for security and significance are met can we go on to address the spiritual need to love and minister to others. We simply cannot give what we do not have. It is for this reason that we must turn our attention to the true source of personal satisfaction, our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Bread of Life:

One of the most difficult things for us to understand, regarding our personal needs, is how we get them freely and constantly satisfied on a daily basis. The story of Jesus feeding the multitude in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John reveals some astonishing insight into our own struggle to trust Jesus Christ as our personal savior.

While we may trust him as our physical savior (and truly he is), relying upon him to provide for our physical needs; and we certainly trust him as our spiritual savior, relying on him to save us from hell; we find it difficult to trust him daily as our personal savior.

The miracle that Jesus performed in feeding five thousand men and their families from one small boy’s lunch was meant to demonstrate in the physical realm what he is willing and able to do in the personal realm. The multitude, however, missed the point and returned again the second day looking for another free lunch. Is Jesus just another free lunch for you? Do you come to Jesus as someone to give you material blessings? Or, do you come to Jesus for himself? Do you come to him for who he is?

Do you come to him personally; trusting that in your relationship with him your personal needs will be satisfied? It was in this context that Jesus stated that he is the Bread of Life and, therefore, the only one that can truly meet all our needs.

Will be looking at John 6 in next blog.

Those with Lymphoma or Leukemia, keep the faith, lots is happening in the clinical testing arena.