Good day to all, and may this day be  fruitful and happy for you.

For  those of you who are interested in knowing more about  Leukemia and Lymphoma, I recommend you go to the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not only are they a great source of correct information, but they are one of the largest fund-raiser for these lymphoma and blood cancers. I am providing a link for anyone who would like to read more.

The four most common types of leukemia are: Each main type of leukemia is named according to the type of cell that’s affected (a myeloid cell or a lymphoid cell) and whether the disease begins in mature or immature cells.

Other types of leukemia and related disorders include:

For those of you who are just finding out, or have recently been told you have one of the above. I want you to know that after diagnosis and treatment, many people with leukemia live many good, quality years. You may find that knowing more about the disease and its treatment can help you cope.

I have CLL, so most of my attention is directed at this cancer, nevertheless, I am most interested in all cancers now. It is a horrible disease that changes lives, for those who have it, and for those who love them. I especially feel for the children who have leukemia, it is far more aggressive for them than it is for we older folks.

What Is CLL?

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a type of blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow. It can progress either slowly or quickly depending on the form it takes. Many people with CLL live good-quality lives for years with medical care. So to my family, do not dismay, God willing, I may be here a while longer yet.

Now to continue from yesterday;     The Attack On The Family

Anything God has established to reveal himself will immediately come under the attack of the enemy, and the family system is no exception! In the third chapter of Genesis, we are given the account of how the family system came under attack, and as a result, became dysfunctional. Using the most intelligent animal God had made, Satan began the spiritual attack in earnest with a most deceptive, but deadly, question concerning God’s word and his goodness: “Yea, hath God said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” (Genesis 3:1) Satan’s question was meant to cause Eve to doubt God’s provision and willingness to satisfy all her needs.

Essentially, the same question arises in our own minds when we doubt what God has given us in Christ is really enough to satisfy us completely. Thinking negatively, about her own needs. Eve quickly focused her attention on the forbidden fruit as an answer to all that was missing in her life. It seemed to be just what she needed to satisfy her physical, personal and spiritual needs.

This kind of deception concerning what it takes to satisfy our needs is the central issue and root of all dysfunction in our family systems. It is believing we need something more than what God has provided to satisfy our needs that ultimately causes us to become selfish and dysfunctional in our relationships.

The attack of the enemy is always the same! Create negative thinking, and then focus on what is missing or out of reach. Although the Bible is clear that Adam was not deceived in the same manner as was Eve (1 Timothy 2:14), he certainly joined her in her dysfunction and sin. It was not the fruit that he thought he could not live without, it was Eve! He, also, started to believe he needed more than God to satisfy his need: Eve. Could he survive without Eve?

All the while Satan was attacking the mind of his wife, Adam remained quiet and passive. Rather than risking rejection by taking the lead, Adam retreated in fear, and submitted to Eve. She had become his God. The consequences of their unbelief and transgression of God’s law were felt immediately, by both Adam and Eve.

They experienced an overwhelming sense of worthlessness and shame. Trying desperately to cover their own nakedness with fig leaves, Adam and Eve displayed religious pride in seeking to fix themselves and each other rather than trust God.

In the actual presence of a holy God, however, their pitiful efforts were not enough to save themselves; so they were terrified, and hid themselves. When questioned directly by God, they could no longer relate to one another. The beautiful marriage they enjoyed before had now become dysfunctional.

It is against the dark background of personal and family dysfunction that the gospel is first introduced in the scriptures.

To all my partners with leukemia, God bless and and enjoy your day.