CLL, a cancer that makes you live day-to-day, making it hard to plan future events. What I mean by that, is since I am on watch and wait, every time I see my Oncologists, I realize that I may be told it is time to start chemo, something that I do not want to start. I want to go camping in Nov., but what if I have to start chemo, can I reserve a spot, but what if I have to cancel, you see what I mean. Anyway, I know that many of you out there also have the same problem in deciding what to plan for, if any of you have ideas, please let me know.

I have not added a post since 10/9/2011, reason being that my computer crashed and I had to take it in for repair. Now that I have it back, I will continue with my daily blog.

Since my last blog, I have volunteered for a half marathon, not to run in it, but to help at the LLS function. I am looking forward to meeting some of the other volunteers, and thanking them for taking their valued time to do this. I hope to be able to help at more LLS functions in the future. My daughter runs in a LLS marathon in the summer, and I am thankful for her, and her love for me. After viewing some of the photos of her running, I realized that it is not easy to run that far. I also hurt my back, trying to lift weights while exercising in the gym. What I learned was that I cannot lift the same amount as I used to before I got this crummy cancer. I feel better now, but it took over a week for the pain to leave my back. My wife and I were to ride my motorcycle to a rally last week, but with my back pain, we had to take the car instead. Wow, what fun at a bike rally, in a car. Anyway we went, and saw a few friends there, and were able to stay overnight at a friend’s house.

Continuing with my study; The record of Adam’s creation in Genesis 2:7 reveals the marvelous way that God made man in his image. The body is formed by God out of the dust of the ground which represents the various physical elements that constitute our physical nature. God breathed the breath of life, the spiritual component of man, into the body. Thus, man became a living soul or personal being. The body, soul, and spirit of man are to be viewed as a very complex system of interactions between each of the components.

The body comprises the physical nature. The soul reveals the personal nature. The spirit constitutes the spiritual nature. The body is that physical component of man, which houses the spirit being. While we are not told exactly what Adam’s body was like, we may assume that it was similar to ours; a complex structure of cells, tissues, organs and systems that work together to sustain life on a physical level.

The spirit is that immaterial component of man which enables him to communicate with his creator. He has a built-in God-consciousness and self-consciousness which enables him to perceive himself in relation to his creator. The spirit is what allows us to see ourselves in relation to God and others. It also provides us with a moral conscious for discernment between right and wrong.

The soul is produced by the interaction between the body and the spirit. It is roughly equivalent to the psychological concept of personality. Included within the realm of the soul are the concepts of the mind, various needs, emotions, and the will. Since the soul is produced by the interaction of the spirit and body, its development will also be determined by both physical and spiritual factors.

Man is more than just a complex system of electrochemical reactions, is self-evident.

The model described may be useful in organizing our thinking concerning the nature of human beings. Viewing man as a three-part being guards against the tendency to minimize our problems and over simplify their solutions. For instance, problems that may appear to be purely spiritual in nature, may also have some personal and physical characteristics, as well as vice versa. To the extent that we may begin to understand the complexities of ourselves as God’s creations, we begin to be more impressed with our God. While humanistic philosophies and religions worship the creature (man) instead of the creator, the study of man from a biblical point of view is intended to ultimately im-press us with the magnificence of God. Only an omniscient and sovereign creator could say that, “He needed not that any should testify of man; for he knew what was in man.” (John 2:25). A truly biblical self-awareness will not only encourage us, but will also glorify God.

The preceding model of the structure of man helps to explain the difficulty inherent in confronting or changing the basic personality of human beings. Only in the wisdom and strength of our creator can the human condition be altered. The good news is that God is, not only able, but willing to give us a brand new identity in himself. So, we can say, “Because of Christ’s redemption, I am an awesome spirit-being of magnificent worth as a person!”

With that said, I must confess that often this CLL that I have gets me down, but in my spirit, I know that God is in control, and I am reassured because of that. I know that whether I live in this body, or are absent from it, I win. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cannot win, for we are more than just physical.

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