Another day, and still the lower right side of my back hurts. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as over the weekend, but I sure hope is gets better soon. I called my doctor, to make an appointment for my yearly physical, and found out that it is scheduled for January, 2012. I will be heading to my Oncologists in two weeks, and it will be on my mind most everyday now. I have stopped taking my gout pills, and am eating more meats, trying to raise my RBC and eliminate my anemia. I am also trying and hoping to be able to keep up my platelet count.

I feel good, except for my back, and I see that I have a bruise on my right arm. I must have got it when I washed my motorcycle this morning. I sure do bruise easily, and I don’t like it. I did ride on my motorcycle, went to town, and while riding, my back was fine. It seems when I sit to long, is when it starts aching again.

I read an interesting saying today on Facebook, and realized that could have been sent just for me. I sure have hurt others in my lifetime and maybe some are looking forward to that statement concerning me.

“No need for revenge just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves, and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

I now realize that many things you do and say, can never be taken back. The hurt that it often causes, is so deep that no matter how much you try to correct  it, it just won’t happen. Well I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself, and I know there is no need to. I am like most others, well often worse; sinful, selfish, self-centered, not able to see my own faults, but real easy to see others. I also know that the statement is incorrect, as God, in Jesus Christ has no revenge, He took care of that about two-thousand years ago. I know some may never be able to forgive me, but thank God for Jesus Christ. I do not use that last statement as a crutch, I just believe and know it is true.

How do I know, not explainable, not even to me.

Well another day is passing, and my wife will be home soon. So goodnight for now, and God bless you.