CLL is something I now realize, I have to live with, I am not happy about that, but I can no longer pretend that I do not have it. I have decided to write how I feel, physically and mentally each day, so I or someone else will be able to look back at how I coped with this cancer.

I missed blogging yesterday, and will make an attempt to cover both yesterday and today.

I really felt good yesterday, with the exception of my back pain. I have no pain when I get up, but as the day goes by, it increases. However, I do believe that each day, it is getting better. Today, I went for a two-mile walk, and I have very little pain in my back right now.

I have been writing a new Powerpoint presentation, titled Six Day? Really! My hope is to be able to present it this fall, to my neighbors and friends. Christian and those who are not Christians. I am not sure how well it is written, but hope to try it on my wife, and get a true reaction, good, bad, or indifferent.

It is another beautiful day here, as was yesterday, sun, warm, gentle breeze, and low humidity. We are expecting more humid air over the weekend, but the temperatures should continue to be in the mid and high 80’s.

I am thinking of writing some new thoughts about; Who Are We?  As I do, I will add it to my  blog with hopes that it will stir some thought, about God,  in those who read it. I hope to start posting by the end of the week. Please look for it to begin, later this week.

I will be visiting my Oncologist in two weeks, and am hoping that my counts will remain good.