Well it is September now, and I visited my Oncologist on the 8th. My wife went with me this time, bringing extra clothes, incase I was hospitalized. I felt great, and told her that I would not have to stay. Anyway, we arrived at the hospital, got my blood taken for it to be tested, and waited to see my doctor. An hour had passed, and as I was looking around the waiting room, I realized that cancer hits so many. It did not matter, male or female, rich or poor, young or old, and it saddened me that we had brought this terrible disease on ourselves. God in the beginning, made everything, and He said it was very good, what happened then, because it is not very good now. Further I read that someone decided to do something that God had said not to do, and with that, not very good things began to happen. Brother killed brother, and everyone began doing only what was good, in their minds, for themselves.

My doctor called me into the office, and my wife and I sat down, facing the doctor. I was told what my readings were, platelets up to 63K, red cells still anemic, and white cells up to 18.5K. I asked what does this mean, and my doctor said that we would continue on watch and wait and I would return again in six weeks. Over the past month, I finally realized that I had a very serious illness, and I could not wish it away, nor just forget about it and it would go away. So I asked my doctor several questions that day, and told him that I was now ready to accept the fact that I had CLL. This may sound funny to anyone reading this, but since I was first told, I really would not believe that I had cancer, I felt so good, just like I had always had, with a few minor exceptions. Anyway these exceptions were results from CLL, namely, shortness of breath, bruising easily, and aching bones.

Today, I am feeling good, the sun is shinning, and I am alive. I will give thanks today to Him that knows my days, and my I use them wisely.