Well I was at home now, feeling quite good, believing that I was healthy again. About two weeks after I got home, I received a call from a family member. This member was very concerned about my initial diagnosis, had spent some time researching it. I was told on the phone that I should not believe that I had no cancer. I was told that after some research, I may have CLL, which was like non-Hodgkins but was in the blood.

I went at that moment from the top of the mountain to the lowest part of the valley. I decided that I would not seek out whether this may be or not. I was content to believe that I had no cancer. Just a few weeks later, I received a letter from the hospital, asking me to come in for  outpatient surgery. They would like to take a lymph node from me and see what cancer I had. After much thought, and talking with my wife, I agreed to go.

I had the surgery, and within three weeks, I was asked to come back, but his time I would be talking to an Onocolists. The worst of my fears seemed to be coming true, I didn’t want to go, but went in the end. My wife and I entered the doctor’s office, and was told that I have CLL, and there was no cure for it. I was devastated, but showed no reaction. I asked what now, and the doctor told me that at this stage, I would be on what is called, watch and wait. I was also told that I would have to come in every three months for blood tests. I didn’t ask many questions, I just wanted to leave, and did.

Three months, and I was back getting blood tests, they did not show much change from the three months before, except that my platelets were dropping and were now at 78K,  red was low but okay, and white cells were at 11.5K. I left feeling quite good, that I would not have to come back for another three months. It was now June and I would not have to go back until August. I felt good, and was doing almost everything I had been doing before.

August was coming, and I was feeling quite good about my health.