Day three came, and I was visited by two doctors. I was told that I would be going to the main floor to have a PET scan done. The PET scan would reveal how many of my lymphnodes would have cancer cells in them. After the results, I would then go into surgery, where I would have a lymphnode removed so a biopsy could be made, offering additional information on what chemotherapy I would need. I would then be taken to another floor, where I would begin treatment that same day.

I passed the kidney stone that day, which made it possible for the above to take place. To be honest, I thought at that point that I would never leave that hospital alive. In my mind, I thought the cancer had gone so far, that even with the immediate attention given to it, by my doctors, I would not survive.

I was told that I would not be able to eat at all that day, as surgery was required. I was taken where I was to get the PET scan, and a needle was injected into my  arm, with a liquid that was supposed to go to all of my lymphnodes and when the lymphnodes lite up, with this liquid in it, that would be where the cancer was. After two hours, my test was completed, and I was taken back to my room. It was now around 10:00 am, and I was to go to surgery around two, after the results were verified.

Just after 2:00 pm not having a visit from any doctor yet, my fears were growing. Just then a lady came in with my lunch. I told her that I was not allowed to have any lunch, but she said, this was ordered by the doctor. I ate lunch, wondering why it was taking so long for the results. Near 3:00pm another lady came into my room, and gave me a written prescription, and told me not to forget to pick it up when I left the hospital. Now I was excited, nervous, and fearful that what I was just told would prove to be a mistake.

At 4:00 pm a doctor came into my room, and told me the PET scan was negative, and I would be going home. I was crying with happiness, and nervously rushing around the room, getting my clothes on, trying to leave before I would be told it was a mistake, and I really did have cancer. I left the hospital that afternoon a very happy man.

During that time spent in the hospital, I was reminded of a prayer that I had prayed often, over and over again.  I had known for many years, that no matter what, I came first. I had watched my wife for over thirty years care about others, with the love of Christ, so naturally, that I as a Christian was ashamed. It is easy to fool others, but if you are honest with yourself, you will not fool yourself. I had been praying for years that I would care about other people naturally. I had worked at it, trying outwardly, but always knowing inside, that I was far more important to myself, than they were. I had prayed for so long that God would put in my heart a true love and care for others, the same love that Christ has for me. That third night in the hospital, God answered that prayer. I now knew what others feel, the fears that my neighbors may have, the sadness that some in my family felt, and a compassion grew in me that night, to see others as Christ sees them.